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Airdrop Fee

  • Airdrop creation may require a certain amount of MESH.
  • If there is a MESH fee, the necessary MESH must be transmitted to the operator before creation.

Airdrop create

Execute the createDistribution function of AirdropOperator Contract.
  • You must proceed after obtaining Valid Operator privileges.
  • The amount of tokens required and the fee should be transferred to the contract rather than deposited.
  • Request Parameters
    • totalAmount : Total number of tokens to be distributed by airdrop
    • blockAmount : Token quantity to be distributed per block
    • startBlock : Airdrop start block number
function createDistribution(
uint totalAmount,
uint blockAmount,
uint startBlock,
) public

Airdrop Token deposit

If there is an issue of token exhaustion or extension during the airdrop process, tokens can be recharged using the AirdropOperator Contract's Deposit function.
  • When executing the function, transfer more than the amount of tokens entered into the wallet.
  • The token specified when creating the operator is charged.
  • When recharging due to exhaustion, it will be applied from the block after recharging.
function deposit(uint amount) public

Airdrop refix

  • Modify the amount of tokens distributed per block
  • It is applied from the block after the transaction is executed.
function refixBlockAmount(uint blockAmount) public

Airdrop token withdraw

  • The remaining tokens can be withdrawn after the Airdrop plan is in progress.
  • Withdrawal will be made to the owner's account.
function withdraw(address tokenAddr) public