Early-bird MESH Airdrop Events(End)

With Meshswap governance token, MESH, enjoy various benefits including Yield Farming, Swap fee profits, and Airdrop! Don't miss the opportunity to become an early $MESH adapter before the official launch!

[Ended event 1] Polygon Warm-up Event

Let’s join Polygon network, the foundation of Meshswap!

1. Winner: Wallet users who scored over 90 on Polyscore

2. PolyScore Link: https://polyscore.polygon.technology/

3. Reward: Total 400,000 MESH

4. How to claim the reward:

Must click on the “Claim” button on the Meshswap airdrop page.

**Instead of the previously announced method of receiving MESH rewards being automatically airdropped into the winner’s wallet, the winner will receive them directly from the Meshswap website.

[Ended event 2] Polygon — Matic Holder Event

Be ready to start Meshswap with your MATIC wallet!

1. Winner: Applicants who have 100+ MATIC in their private wallets at the time of the snapshot

2. Gleam Link: https://gleam.io/Y6eh2/meshswap-matic-holder-event

* The detailed guideline will be posted on the following pages. - Telegram: https://t.me/MeshswapOfficial - Discord: https://discord.gg/tnFvuEVgHB

3. Reward: Total 250,000 MESH

4. How to claim the reward:

[Ended event 3] KLAYswap Drops Event

Show the grand power of vKSP holders!

1. Winner: vKSP holders who staked KSP on KLAYswap

2. Link

- KLAYswap link: https://klayswap.com/ - KSP staking guide: https://docs.klayswap.com/how-to-guides/how-to-stake-and-vote-on-klayswap

3. Reward: Total 400,000 MESH

  • Will be distributed in proportion to the share of vKSPs in the market

  • Airdrop Claim: Available after May 3rd (UTC), 2022

4. How to claim the reward:

Must click on the ‘Claim airdrop reward’ button in Drops menu on KLAYswap to claim the reward!

[Additional event: 200,000 MESH]

Ended event 4. [ Korbit x Meshswap ] $MESH Airdrop Event

Ended event 5. [ Poloniex ] Hold MATIC to grab a share of 10,000 MESH

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