MESH Allocation

  • Total supply(*): 126,144,000 MESH

  • Initial supply(**): 1,500,000 MESH

  • Halving: A halving occurs every year, and the daily inflation rate is halved every 15,768 thousand blocks after yielding starts (Based on Polygon block time of 2 seconds).

  • 1 Day Inflation: 172,800 MESH (4MESH/block) inflation occurs in the first year, followed by the annual halving inflation. The following chart informs the first 6 years of allocation.

YearDaily VolumeYearly VolumeTotal VolumeNotes


172,800 MESH

63,072,000 MESH

63,072,000 MESH


86,400 MESH

31,536,000 MESH

94,608,000 MESH



43,200 MESH

15,768,000 MESH

110,376,000 MESH



21,600 MESH

7,884,000 MESH

118,260,000 MESH



10,800 MESH

3,942,000 MESH

122,202,000 MESH



5,400 MESH

1,971,000 MESH

124,173,000 MESH


(*) MESH inflation starts at zero and is distributed to liquidity providers only through liquidity mining. MESH fair launch grants early participants to take equal opportunity and make the right decisions through the governance voting system.

(**) Initial supply will be fully utilized for MESH airdrops. Refer to the MESH distribution below.

MESH distribution

Initial supply

To build the initial Meshswap ecosystem, 1,500,000 MESH will be fully utilized for MESH airdrops to potential Polygon and Klaytn users, marketing, and LP incentives in the key liquidity farming pools before the full-scale yield farming begins. Through these events, it will create a stable trading environment for yield farming by securing potential users to generate a rapid inflow and liquidity expansion in the Meshswap ecosystem.

  • Polygon on-chain user airdrop (26.67%) : It is for the existing Polygon DeFi ecosystem users.

  • MATIC on-chain holder airdrop (16.67%): It is for Polygon on-chain MATIC holders

  • vKSP holder airdrop (26.67%): It is for Klayswap KSP stakers to leverage their liquidity from the predecessor of Meshswap, Klayswap. * Check out more details of Klaytn AMM-based DEX, Klayswap here.

  • Marketing (13.33%) : It is for the initial user acquisition and the usage will be transparently disclosed before the protocol launch. If the details are not fully finalized by then, however, it will be burned.

  • LP incentive (13.33%): Incentives for the fast liquidity inflow of key farming pools in the ecosystem.

  • Initial farming pool liquidity (3.33%): It is for creating an initial $MESH paired farming pool.

Final token distribution

Once Meshswap officially launches, full-scale yield farming will begin. Daily MESH Inflation will be distributed to the entire ecosystem daily at the same rate accordingly:

  • Farm (80%): It is for lenders, general/Leverage farmers, and stakers in Meshswap protocol.

  • vKSP Holder (5%): It is for core Klayswap users to encourage the circulation of blockchain ecosystems in the long term.

  • Development (5%): It is for the continuous technology development and maintenance Treasury

  • Treasury (5%): It is the business fund for emergencies and the future Meshswap ecosystem development.

  • Strategic Partner (5%): It is the incentive fund for potential Polygon Dapp partners

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