How to deposit your assets on Lending pools

1. Go to the [Lend] page from the [Deposit] menu at the top.

2. Select the lending pool you prefer from the list, and click the [Deposit] button.


  • You can simply search token name or symbol.

3. Check your balance in the deposit pop-up window and enter the amount for the deposit. Review the Deposit APR and Share of Pool in the “Estimated Returns” section and click the [Next] button.


  • Balance “max” button allows you to make the maximum deposit transaction in real-time.

  • Depositing MATIC will automatically be converted to depositing WMATIC.

  • MESH APR (%): Lenders receive MESH yields in accordance with their deposit share ratio from daily MESH yields distributed to a pool.

  • Deposit APR (%): Deposited lending is utilized for leverage farmers, and interest fees paid by leverage farmers are automatically distributed to lenders in return. Lenders can check the accumulated interest (claimable MESH) in real-time.

4 “Confirm Transaction” pop-up window will show up. Check the expected lending pool info and click the [Deposit] button to move forward. Click the [Confirm] button from your crypto wallet as well.


  • If there is no history of a selected token transaction on Meshswap, Token Approve Transaction will be preceded before Lending Transaction occurs (One time only).

5. Once the deposit completes, you can check “Asset deposited” and “Claimable MESH” info from the pop-up window. Interest accrues in accordance with real-time deposit APR. If the “Asset deposit” balance is changed due to additional deposits or withdrawals, the MESH yields will be automatically claimed to the user's crypto wallet.

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