XRP: The Quickest and easiest way to transfer your asset

4. XRP deposit guide

Meshswap provides an XRP-only personal deposit address that allows users to easily and quickly transfer XRP directly to their personal wallets without bridges.

Even if you own assets such as MATIC, ETH, USDT, and DAI in the central exchange, you can easily move assets to your personal wallet using the XRP deposit address.

Deposit procedure:

1) Search for oXRP on the 'Wallet' page and click the [Deposit] button

2) Check your personal deposit address, which is dedicated to XRP

3) Withdraw XRP held in the centralized exchange to the XRP dedicated deposit address confirmed in step 2) (You must select Ripple Mainnet as the withdrawal network.)

4) XRP is automatically bridged to oXRP and deposited into your personal wallet.

5) Ready to deposit in farming pools paired with oXRP! Meshswap also allows you to swap oXRP for other tokens to participate in various farming pools.

Please note:

⚠️ When sending assets to a personal wallet, please make sure that the exchange supports withdrawals to the network. When depositing and withdrawing assets that are not supported by the network, it is treated as an incorrect deposit and withdrawal and cannot be recovered.

⚠️​ This information may be updated from time to time so please double-check centralized exchanges’ supporting network before making a transaction.

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