This contract acts as an administrator to manage the voting registration, voting counting, and execution of the meshswap. It also performs important parameters of meshswap, proposal registration, and voting execution.


Github Link: (Will be updated after official launch)


Events, Read-Only Functions, and State-Changing Functions

State-Changing Functions


event ProposalCreated(uint id, address proposer, address target, string signature, bytes callData, uint startBlock, uint endBlock, string description);
  • Events log of proposals are created
  • Parameters
    • id : proposal ID
    • proposer : proposer's address
    • target : Address of the contract to be executed
    • signature : signature of the function to be executed
    • callData : function data to be executed
    • startBlock : start block number
    • endBlock : end block number
    • description : proposal details
event VoteCast(address voter, uint proposalId, bool support, uint votes, uint againstVotes, uint forVotes, uint quorumVotes, string reason);
  • Events log of vote
  • Parameters
    • voter : voter's address
    • proposalId : proposal ID
    • support : support
    • votes : Number of vote vMESH
    • againstVotes : Number of total against vote
    • forVotes : Number of total favor vote
    • quorumVotes : Number of proposal quorum
    • reason : reason
event ProposalCanceled(uint id);
  • Events log of proposal canceled
event ProposalQueued(uint id, uint eta, uint tid);
  • Events log of proposal queued
event ProposalExecuted(uint id, bool succeeded);
  • Events log of proposal executed
event ProposalFeeSet(uint oldProposalFee, uint proposalFee);
  • Events log of proposal fee(MESH) changed

State-Changing Functions


function propose(address target, string memory signature, bytes memory callData, string memory description) public returns (uint)
  • Function used to propose a new proposal
  • Sender must have delegates above the proposal threshold
  • target : Target address for proposal calls
  • signature : Function signature for proposal calls
  • callData : Calldata for proposal call
  • description : String description of the proposal


function castVote(uint proposalId, bool support) external
  • Function used to cast a vote for a proposal
  • proposalId : The id of the proposal to vote on
  • support : The support value for the vote. false=against, true=for