This contract is responsible for the ecosystem behavior related to staking MESH. Voting rights (vMESH) are issued according to the staking quantity and period, and 40% of the daily MESH mining quantity is distributed to staking participants. (MESH distribution for staking participants may be changed through governance voting)


Github Link: (Will be updated after official launch)


Events, Read-Only Functions, and State-Changing Functions



event LockMESH(address user, uint lockPeriod, uint MESHAmount, uint totalLockedMESH, uint unlockTime);
  • Event log of MESH staking

  • Parameters

    • user : user address

    • lockPeriod :

      • 4 months : 10,368,000

      • 8 months : 20,736,000

      • 12 months : 31,104,000

      • x8 : 1,555,200,000

    • MESHAmount : Number of MESH locked b

    • totalLockedMESH : Total Number of staked MESH

    • unlockTime : Available unstaking time (timestamp)


event UnlockMESH(address user, uint vMESHAmount, uint MESHAmount);
  • Event log of MESH unstaking

  • Parameters

    • user : user address

    • vMESHAmount : Number of vMESH

    • MESHAmount : Number of MESH


event UnlockMESHUnlimited(address user, uint vMESHBefore, uint vMESHAfter, uint MESHAmount, uint unlockTime);
  • Event log that occurs when unstaking vMESH x8

  • Parameters

    • user : user address

    • vMESHBefore : The amount of vMESH held

    • vMESHAfter : Amount of vMESH held after unstaking

    • MESHAmount : Amount of MESH staked

    • unlockTime : Available unstaking time (timestamp)


event RefixBoosting(address user, uint lockPeriod, uint boostingAmount);
  • Event log of staking period is changed

  • Parameter

    • user : user addres

    • lockPeriod : period

    • boostingAmount : Number of vMESH after period changed


event ChangeMiningRate(uint _mining);
  • Event log of daily MESH distribution rate changed


event GiveReward(address user, uint amount, uint lastIndex, uint rewardSum);
  • Event log of when mined MESH is claimed and distributed


event Compound(address user, uint reward, uint compoundAmount, uint transferAmount, uint mintAmount);
  • Event log of when mined MESH restaking.

  • The compound amount can be entered in integer units

  • The amount minus the compund amount from the mined amount is returned to the wallet.

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