Ecopot is an ecosystem partner project that seeks to expand users and liquidity through a connection with the Meshswap ecosystem. Ecopot project partners distribute a portion of the corresponding token inflation to stakers (vMESH holders).

How to participate Ecopot

MESH stakers who acquire vMESH, the voting right, can participate in Ecopot projects. Users who want to participate in Ecopot can participate in various Ecopot pools by using their vMESH, and receive token rewards from each pool. Users who stake MESH in a long period will earn more vMESH and gain more benefits from Ecopot. The allocated rewards can be checked in real time and can be received at any time. If users have participated in multiple Ecopot project pools, they can receive all rewards at once by clicking the [Receive All Rewards] button.

Precautions when participating Ecopot

  • Users can participate in up to 10 projects with the voting rights (vMESH) held on the Ecopot list.

  • Users can participate in the Ecopot based on the total amount of voting rights held, and Ecopot and pool voting are separate votes. Ex) Users with 1,000 vMESHs can exercise 1,000 vMESHs in each of the Ecopot and Pool voting, respectively.

  • The expected rate of return represents the annual rate of return (APR) after calculating the annual expected amount of rewards based on the number of vMESH participated by the user compared to the total number of total vMESH participating in the Ecopot, and it may differ from the actual rate of return.

  • Distributed Ecopot rewards can be received at any time.

  • Tokens given as rewards in Ecopot are autonomously issued tokens on the Polygon chain and have not undergone separate screening, ergo stability of the tokens are not guaranteed.

  • Projects are voluntarily participating in Ecopot, and Meshswap does not encourage transactions and investments in the specific token. Ecopot rewards distribution can be delayed or discontinued because the rewards are distributed to users directly by projects, not by Meshswap.

  • Given rewards can be found on [Wallet] page, if not displayed, you can search for the contract address of the token.

  • Ecopot reward distributions are directly executed by each Ecopot project partner and rewards distribution starts from the start block. You can check the current block number in Polygonscan and in the top right corner (PC) or side menu (mobile) of Meshswap website.

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