How to transfer TON from Huobi to the Polygon network

What's oTON?

TON, an asset native to the TON Network, must be converted to oTon in order to be used on the Polygon Network.

oTON is an asset that is minted by bridging TON network asset through Orbit Bridge ( to Polygon network.

TON and oTON are the same value and can be converted through the Orbit Bridge at any time.

Users can acquire oTON by transferring TON from the exchange/wallet to the individual TON deposit address.

☑️ If you wish to use TON already in your wallet (TON Network) in Meshswap, please refer to the following guide.

How to transfer TON from wallet to Meshswap

1. Log in to Huobi and click the "Assets_Spot" option on the top right.

2. Click on the TON "Withdraw" button on the Cryptocurrency list.

3. After connecting your wallet to Meshswap, click “Wallet” on top. From the token list, click Orbit Ton Coin (oTON)’s "Deposit" and click "Check Deposit Address".

4. Copy Deposit address, Message (Comment, Payload) from the Deposit popup and return to the Huobi exchange site.

5. Choose “Others” for Destination exchange. Copy and paste the Deposit address that you copied during step 4 in the address section. Also paste the Message (comment, payload) copied during step 4 in the Tag section. Click the "Withdraw" button after entering the Withdrawal Amount.

Minimum withdrawal amount for Huobi is 1.01 TON.

6. Verify the information on the “Request Withdrawl” popup, checkmark the agreement, and press the "Confirm" button.

7. In the "security authentication" popup, enter each verification code sent to your email and mobile device.

8. Select the reason for the deposit and click OK.

9. Once you have withdrawn from Houbi, make sure the oTON has been transferred to the wallet.

  • Make sure that you have selected MATIC (Polygon) Mainnet as the wallet network; if you have selected another chain, you won't be able to check the transferred oTON.

  • If oTON does not appear in your wallet, go to meshswap wallet page and click “Add Token” which is placed next to Orbit Ton coin.

10. oTON can be used to deposit for Lend, Yield Farm, Leverage Yield Farm, and Long/Short Margin trading.

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