How to participate in Pool Voting with vMESH

1. Click the [Staking and Pool Voting] page on the [MESH governance] menu at the top of the Meshswap.

2. Choose the pool to vote for from the pool list, then click the [Deposit] button. Users can check the total number of votes they have and the number of votes available for pool voting on ‘My Voting Rights’

3. Insert the number of votes and check the estimated information when proceeding with Pool Voting in “Established Returns”.

Click the [Next] button.

All displayed information is real-time expected information, which may cause differences in the actual Pool Voting process. Therefore, the user should be fully aware of and understand the changes that may occur during the Pool Voting process before voting.

4. Check the pool voting information lastly, then click the [Vote] button and the [Confirm] button.

5. Once the transaction is completed,

*“Available for pool vote” shows how much vMesh is available for another pool voting.

*“Pool voted” is for checking voting status. The distributed pool voting rewards can be confirmed from the moment the voting is completed.

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