Pool Voting

Pool voting is a democratic decision-making system that determines which pool to distribute more MESHs - a powerful incentive to operate Meshswap. Only stakers with pool voting rights (vMESH) can participate, and they can receive an additional 50% of the transaction fees incurred in the pool.

Pool Voting regulation

  • Users’ votes are calculated based on daily 09:00 AM (UTC+9) snapshots.

  • Once users vote on a specific farming pool, they can withdraw it after the upcoming snapshot period.

  • In the case of transaction reward pools where MESH rewards are invalidated as a result of token classification agenda voting, users can withdraw their votes for them before the upcoming snapshot period.

  • When the token grade is downgraded due to governance agenda voting, that specific token farming pool will be excluded from the MESH inflation reward from the point when the code is reflected.

  • Users can vote on farming pools that provide MESH rewards. And they can vote for up to 10 different pools.

  • 50% of the transaction fee generated by the voted farming pools will be distributed to the pool voters during the voting period.

  • The amount of the distributed transaction fee that voters will receive depends on the voters’ stake in their pool votes. (My pool voting share = my number of vMESH votes/total number of vMESHs voted for that pool)

  • Any farming pools without votes will not distribute the accumulated transactions fee.

  • Users can freely receive the distributed transaction fee reward in their wallet by clicking the get reward button.

  • If the number of votes held by users changes by execution of additional voting, withdrawals, and unstaking at the end of the contracted period, the distributed transaction fee will be automatically transferred to the users’ wallets at that point.

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