How to get oETH, oMATIC, oUSDC, oUSDT, oDAI

oMATIC, oETH, oUSDC, oUSDT, and oDAI are the assets that are minted by bridging Ethereum main network assets such as MATIC, ETH, USDC, USDT, and DAI through Orbit Bridge into the Polygon network. Orbit Bridge( is an interchain communication protocol that allows communication between heterogeneous blockchains, Ethereum-based assets and assets from various blockchains such as XRP, KLAY, and KSP, can be transferred to Polygon. The oETH, oMATIC, oUSDC, oUSDT, oDAI bridged via Orbit bridge can move freely between networks at an equivalent token value..

To utilize the ERC-20 token held in the exchange/private wallet in Meshswap , it will be an option to use Orbit Bridge for transferring the assets from Ethereum or centralized exchanges to Polygon.

From Assets: ETH, MATIC, USDC, USDT, DAI (Ethereum network)

Assets deposited into wallets via Orbit bridge: oETH, oMATIC, oUSDC, oUSDT, oDAI (Polygon network)

Deposit procedure:

1) Connect your wallet to “Orbit Bridge

2) Choose a token to bridge: Token (ERC20) ▶ Token (Polygon)

3) Transfer complete via Orbit Bridge

4) Ready to deposit in farming pools paired with oETH, oUSDC, oUSDT, oDAI

Please note:

⚠️ When sending assets to a personal wallet, please make sure that the exchange supports withdrawals to the network. When depositing and withdrawing assets that are not supported by the network, it is treated as an incorrect deposit and withdrawal and cannot be recovered.

⚠️​ This information may be updated from time to time so please double-check centralized exchanges’ supporting network before making a transaction.

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