This contract is Airdrop plan contract applied to the pool. You can target one liquidity pool and one token. The contract is executed by an operator with authority through Treasury.


Github Link: (Will be updated after official launch)


  • Contract address after production is deployed

Events, Read-Only Functions, and State-Changing Functions



event Initialized(address token, uint amountPerBlock, uint distributableBlock, address[] targets, uint[] rates);
  • Event log of airdrop created

  • Parameters

    • token : ERC-20 token address

    • amountPerBlock : Amount of airdrop tokens to be distributed per block

    • distributableBlock : Start block Number

    • targets : Array of liquidity pool addresses to distribute

    • rates : Array of liquidity pool distribution to distribute


event Deposit(uint amount, uint totalAmount);
  • Event log of airdrop tokens deposit

  • Parameters

    • amount : Deposit token amount

    • totalAmount : Deposit token total amount


event RefixBlockAmount(uint amountPerBlock);
  • Event log of distribution token amount changed


event RefixDistributionRate(address[] targets, uint[] rates);
  • Event log of liquidity pool distribution rate changed


event ChangeDistributionRate(address target, uint rate);
  • Event log of distribution rate changed


event Distribute(address user, address target, uint amount, uint currentIndex, uint userRewardSum);
  • Event log of user receives an airdrop tokens

  • Parameters

    • user : user address

    • target : LP address

    • amount : token amount

    • currentIndex : index

    • userRewardSum : total token amount

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