How to get oXRP in your KuCoin wallet and deposit in Meshswap

How to get oXRP in your KuCoin wallet

1. Download KuCoin Wallet App.

2. Log in ‘KuCoin Wallet’ App and click on the middle icon below. Click [Discover More] section.

3. Find ‘Meshswap’ under the DEX category. Click the Meshswap icon to continue.

4. Enter Meshswap and click the [Connect Wallet] button.

5. ‘Connect Wallet’ Pop up will show up. Connect [Kucoin Wallet].

6. You just connect your wallet to Meshswap! Now, go to the [Wallet] tab on the left.

7. Search ’‘XRP’ and click the [Deposit] button

8. ‘Deposit Precatuions’ pop-up window will appear. Click [Check Deposit Address] to continue.

9. Deposit pop-up window will show up. Check and copy ‘Deposit address’ and ‘Destination Tag’

10. Open KuCoin CEX app and click on the [Asset] tab below

11. Search XRP and select [XRP]

12. Click [Withdraw] button on the Main Account page to withdraw XPR.

13. Insert the XRP ‘Deposit address’ and ‘Tag’ from Meshswap [My asset] page to complete the withdrawal!

14. Go back to Meshswap App. At [Wallet] menu, you can check your Kucoin wallet XRP balance on Meshswap

How to deposit oXRP + USDT asset on Meshswap

15. On Meshswap, go to ‘Deposit’ Menu and select [Yield Farm] feature

16. Click [XRP] button to filter the list and find ‘oXRP + USDT’ pair liquidity pool. Click the [Deposit] button.

17. Deposit page will appear. Click [oXRP] button and insert the deposit amount. Some of oXRP balance will automatically be swapped into USDT and deposited into oXRP — USDT pair pool.

18. Confirm ‘Deposit Details’ from the pop-up window and click [Next] to continue

19. ‘Confirm Transaction’ pop-up window will appear. Review and click [Approve] to continue

20. Once the transaction is approved, click the [Deposit] button

21. Once the deposit is completed, the words ‘Success’ will appear and you can check Transaction History

22. You can also check your ‘oXRP + USDT’ balance at the ‘My deposit’ menu

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