Transferring MATIC

What’s MATIC?

MATIC is the native asset used as a transaction fee in the Polygon network. In order to make trading transactions on Meshswap, you must have a certain amount of MATIC in your Polygon blockchain wallet. This is because a fee (MATIC) for executing a transaction on Polygon is generated and is deducted from the MATIC Balance of the user's wallet.

Did you purchase and hold MATIC on a centralized exchange? In order to transfer the MATIC held by the centralized exchange to your personal wallet, you must first check the network supported by the exchange. In general, major exchanges support two networks, Polygon and Ethereum (ERC-20), for MATIC deposits and withdrawals. However, the networks supported by each exchange are different, so you should check the supported networks before depositing and withdrawing.

Types of MATIC deposits and withdrawals network supported by exchange

Supported NetworkList

both Polygon and ETH (ERC-20) networks

Binance, Kucoin,

Only ETH (ERC-20) network

Coinbase, OKX, Upbit, Bithumb, Coinone

⚠️ When sending MATIC to a personal wallet, please make sure that the exchange supports withdrawals to the network. When depositing and withdrawing assets that are not supported by the network, it is treated as an incorrect deposit and withdrawal and cannot be recovered.

⚠️ This information may be updated from time to time so please double-check centralized exchanges’ supporting network before making MATIC transaction.

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