Add Polygon Network & Tokens

Guide for Adding Polygon Network

Since Meshswap is a decentralized application running on the Polygon network, you need to set the network of your personal wallet to Polygon (or Matic Network).

The network is automatically added when you first connect your wallet to Meshswap. If the network addition does not work properly, however, you can manually add the network.

Network Name:Matic Mainnet


Chain ID:


Currency Symbol(optional):


Block Explorer URL(optional):

Adding Polygon network in your crypto wallet

To learn more about how to add Polygon network information to your wallet, please check the guide for each wallet.

Adding new tokens in your crypto wallet

In case that new token trading info is not visible in your wallet, you must manually add the token information to your wallet.

To add new token information to your wallet, see the following guidelines.

WalletGuide Link for Adding Tokens



Coinbase Wallet

automatically shows the relevant tokens to users


automatically shows the relevant tokens to users


automatically shows the relevant tokens to users

Huobi Wallet

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