How to deposit your assets on Leveraged Yield Farming pools

1. Go to the [Leveraged Yield Farm] page in the [Deposit] menu at the top.

2. Select a pool you prefer and click the [Deposit] button to move to the pool detail page.

3. Enter the deposit amount.


  • Meshswap's leveraged yield farm supports the “Set custom ratio” feature. Users can deposit any proportion of the two tokens or even only one token for Leveraged yield farming. Through the smart contract, it will automatically swap tokens in an optimal ratio according to the current pool exchange rate.

  • When entering deposit amount without applying “Set custom ratio” checkbox: You must have both assets and deposit according to the exchange rate.

  • When "Set Custom Ratio" checkbox is applied: You can deposit at any rate regardless of the exchange rate, with only one asset.

4. To invest more with additional borrowing, users can adjust the leverage multiplier to choose the size of borrowing in dollar value. Additional assets will be deposited by the size of (value in dollars of deposited assets) * (selected plus multiplier -1).


  • Leverage multiplier starts at 1.0x by default and it can be adjusted in increments of 0.5x.

  • 1.0x Leverage means depositing without additional borrowing in the same way as Yield Farming.

*The maximum leverage multiplier that can be set are different for each pool. For more details, refer to the link below.

5. Choose whether to borrow both assets or only one asset.


  • If only one asset can be borrowed from the Lending pool, borrow that asset for 100%

  • If you borrow both assets, click on “setting” and drag the gauge bar to customize the borrowing percentage (ratio) of each asset.

6. In “Estimated Returns”, check the expected information for Leveraged yield farming. Liquidation is performed when “Debt ratio” exceeds the maximum % (85% - 92%, varies by farming pool). Therefore, be sure to check the “Debt ratio” first and click the [Deposit] button.

*Debt ratio is different for each pool. For more details, refer to the link below.

All information displayed is a real-time estimate, and may differ from the actual deposit. Therefore, be sure to check the “Debt ratio” before you make the deposit.


  • Exchange Rate: It refers to the token exchange ratio (price) when a certain portion of deposit asset is exchanged for the paired token. *Difference from Current Rate: It refers to the difference (slippage) between expected and the actual exchange rate (price) at the time a trade is executed.

  • Share of pool: Based on the current pool size, you can check your expected stake in the pool at the time of the deposit.

  • Daily Reward: When depositing assets based on the current pool's MESH APR, you can check the amount of distributed MESH for one day.

  • Exchange Rate Range: Deposit is carried out only within ±1% of the current exchange rate. If other participants make large deposits and withdrawals from the pool, the token exchange rate may fluctuate significantly. The Exchange Rate Range safeguards against depositing into the pool at these unexpected token prices. Be sure to understand the variable range before depositing.

7. Confirm “Check deposit details” for information about future leveraged yield farming. Check the [I understand the risks associated, and agree to use the service.] checkbox and click the [Next] button.

8. In the “Confirm Transaction” pop-up window, check the expected information about leveraged farming, and click the [Deposit] button. Once you confirm the information, click the [Confirm] button in your wallet.


If there is no transaction history of the selected token on Meshswap, Token Approval is required before Farming Transaction proceeds (Limited to the one time).

9. After requesting a transaction and completing the deposit, you can check the status of leveraged yield farming in "Asset deposited" section at the top. Rewards will be distributed in real-time after the deposit is completed.

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