What is MESH?

​What makes Meshswap different from every other farm? It’s MESH.

No private sales, No presale, Community-driven: of the MESH Community, by the MESH Community, for the MESH Community.

Use cases

MESH can be distributed as a reward by participating in Lending, Liquidity Supply, and Staking, or obtained through trading. The obtained MESH can be used as follows.‌

  • Users can receive inflation compensation by using MESH for Yield farm.

  • Users can participate in MESH staking and receive MESH inflation compensation.

  • Users can participate in the vote to determine the MESH distribution rate of the MESH rewarding pool.

  • vMESH holders can receive free airdrop tokens in farming and Ecopot projects.

  • MESH can be used for governance voting related to the protocol's agenda. (Scheduled to be updated)

  • MESH can be used to pay for creating a new farming pool (The cost of generating pool are said to be burnt).

MESH is not just the incentive booster of the Meshswap ecosystem but also the governance token which has a core authority to determine MESH reward distribution. The total supply of MESH is 126,144,000 and it will undergo halving events every year. MESH will be distributed in the form of a fair launch in which all market participants can only acquire through the liquidity supply in the Meshswap protocol, without private sale or presale.​


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