How to deposit your assets on Yield Farming pools

1. Click the [Deposit] menu tap at the top and go to the [Yield Farm] page.

2. Select a yield farming pool from the list and click the [Deposit] button to go to the pool detail page.

3. Enter the deposit amount.


  • Making a pair of 2 tokens (A+B) deposit: When you enter the quantity for one asset (A), the quantity for the other pair (B) is automatically calculated and entered.

  • Making one asset (A or B) deposit: The smart contract automatically swaps and deposits assets at the optimal rate corresponding to the current pool exchange rate. In order for users to acquire more of their stake in farming pool as possible, a certain amount of Token A is swapped for Token B and deposited as A + B Token pair.

4. Check the expected yield farming info in “Estimated Returns” section and click the [Deposit] button to move forward.

All information shown is a real-time estimate and may differ from the actual deposit process. Therefore, please be aware that a difference may occur during the deposit process.


  • Exchange Rate: You can check the exchange rate (price) applied when a user swaps a certain portion of the assets requested for a deposit for the remaining pair of assets. *Difference from Current Rate: It refers to the difference (slippage) between the Exchange Rate based on the current pool status and the Exchange Rate that will applied.

  • Share of pool: It shows my estimate stake in the pool based on the current pool size.

  • Daily Reward: It shows the estimate daily MESH yield of my deposit based on the current pool's MESH APR.

  • Exchange Rate Range: Deposits are only made within ±1% of the current exchange rate. Token exchange rate may fluctuate significantly when large-scale deposits and withdrawals occur in the pool. And the exchange rate range serves as a safeguard to prevent making deposit in these unexpected token prices. Please be aware of the fluctuation range before deposit.

5. Check yield farming info from “Deposit details” pop up window and click the [Next] button.

6. In the “Transaction Confirmation” pop-up window, check the expected yield information and click the [Deposit] button. Once you verify the info, click the [Confirm] button in your crypto wallet.


If there is no history of a selected token transaction on Meshswap, Token Approve Transaction will be preceded before Farming Transaction occurs (One time only).

7. After completing the transaction and deposit, you can check the current status of yield farming in "Asset deposited" at the top. Yields will be distributed in real-time after the deposit is completed.

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