How to transfer TON from wallet to Meshswap

What's oTON?

TON, an asset native to the TON Network, must be converted to oTon in order to be used on the Polygon Network.

oTON is an asset that is minted by bridging TON network asset through Orbit Bridge ( to Polygon network.

TON and oTON are the same value and can be converted through the Orbit Bridge at any time.

Users can acquire oTON by transferring TON from the exchange/wallet to the individual TON deposit address.

☑️ If you wish to use TON in Huobi exchange, please refer to the following guide.

pageHow to transfer TON from Huobi to the Polygon network

1. Click on “Wallet” and insert “Toncoin(TON)” on the token search bar. And click on “deposit TON

2. Check the notifications of deposit and click on the ‘Check deposit address’ button.

3. Copy my deposit address and message (Comment, Payload) from the deposit popup.

4. Paste my deposit address and message (Comment, Payload) that you copied during step 4 on the (Withdraw/Transfer) window from my wallet.

If your wallet supports a QR code scan, the receipt address will be automatically inserted into the withdrawal address. However, manually inserting the message (Comment, Payload) is still required.

5. Insert TON amount to transfer.

6. Check the information and click the "Send TON" button.

7. Check if oTON has been deposited into the wallet connected to Meshswap.

8. oTON can be used to deposit for Lend, Yield Farm, Leverage Yield Farm, and Long/Short Margin trading.

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